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IECOC Membership Benefits:

1. Access to current information to resolve problems on environmental issues;

2. Learn firsthand about upcoming regulations that will impact your company;

3. Open communication between your company and regulatory agencies;

4. Participate in regulatory committee meetings to share your concerns and get help on regulatory matters;

5. Discounts on meetings and workshops for all your employees;

6. Opportunity to network with other industry professionals;

7. Free job postings on IECOC website.

Presidents Message:

Dear IEC/OC Community,

IEC/OC provides a forum for communication between industry and government on environmental health and safety issues.   We hold informational lunch meetings, compliance training sessions, regulatory subcommittee working groups, & social networking events.  We invite all of you to join IECOC and benefit through our meetings and avail opportunities for enhanced communication between business and regulatory agencies.

 James Westbrook
 President, IEC/OC 

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For information about our events, please contact Vicki Boatman at (657) 210-2432 or send email to vicki.iecoc@gmail.com.

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